A fair world through jewelry

A Fair World

All new customers will receive a 15% discount on the first order for Nov. 1-Dec. 15. Buy 2 gifts from the http://www.afairworld.org website and receive

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Our glass bead jewelry is handcrafted in the Zulu province of South Africa. The ethnic beaded jewelry is made by a grass roots community of women, one which is ravaged by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The women’s production of this jewelry is providing sustainable income resulting in new self-respect and dignity through consistent work.

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A Stuffed Animal Safari in Time for the Holidays!

Partners for Just Trade
(314) 707-2831

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Formed in 2003 by five women in Huancavelica, Peru, the artisan group, El Mercurio, now includes over 30 women. The members of El Mercurio are extremely talented knitters but, until recently, had been unable to channel their talent in a marketable way. To earn money before the group formed, some members washed clothes in the river, some shined shoes, and others worked as maids. But none of these activities resulted in an income that would ever help them out of extreme poverty.

Today, members of El Mercurio use their skills to knit a variety of children’s products including stuffed animals and finger puppets that U.S. consumers have fallen in love with. Their product line has grown to include a number of organic stuffed animals as well. The stuffed animals include colorful llamas, turtles, tigers, pigs, macaws, pandas, and elephants.

Two members have had the opportunity to visit the U.S. and discuss the positive impact Fair Trade has had on their lives and community. Member Ayde Riveros said, “The changes are huge. Now we can tell our husbands, ‘I am helping support the household, just like you.’ We want to be equal to men.”

Brought to you by Fair Trade Federation.

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Have A Divine Holiday!

Divine Chocolate

Receive $5 off your order of $25 or more on select Divine Chocolate Seasonal Specialties and Gifts (the select items are Milk Chocolate Pralines Gift Box, Divine Chocolate Salted Fudge Gift Box, Dark Chocolate Holiday Balls and Milk Chocolate Holiday Balls). Offer good til 12/15/2010. To take advantage of this special offer, visit http://www.buydivine.com and use coupon code Divine5 at check out.

A wonderful story for the holiday season lies at the heart of delicious Divine Chocolate. Divine was established in 1998 and is co-owned by Kuapa Kokoo, a cooperative of thousands of smallholder farmers in Ghana who supply the finest quality cocoa beans for the chocolate.  Kuapa Kokoo receives a fair price for the cocoa as well as a social premium to invest in their communities.  As co-owners of Divine Chocolate, Kuapa Kokoo farmers share in the profits too.

Lovingly grown in the shade of the tropical rainforest, Kuapa’s cocoa beans are slowly fermented and dried in the sun in small batches by the farmers who take great pride in their chocolate company.

All packaging for Divine Chocolate products feature traditional West African Adinkra symbols.  Each symbol has its own special meaning, representing something integral to Ghanaian culture.  These symbols are still in use today serving to deliver messages of goodwill.

Choosing Divine gives you a guaranteed pleasure, and the farmers of Kuapa Kokoo a guaranteed fair deal, as well as the chance to invest in a better future.  Good news for everyone – that’s the way business should be.

Watch more films featuring farmers from Kuapa Kokoo http://www.divinechocolateusa.com/about/FarmersFilms.aspx

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Bundle Up with Bolivian Alpaca Accessories from Greenola

Greenola. Fair Trade. Sustainable Style.

20% off all items online until Jan. 1st. Use coupon code: GLOBALGREEN

Greenola works with worker-owned sewing cooperatives located near the Bolivian city of Cochabamba. The majority of our entrepreneurs are women. In 2004, we provided an interest-free startup loan and vocational training for this project. This loan was used for sewing machines, equipment and a guarantee deposit for the work space. Our Bolivian staff offer on-going support for the cooperatives, empowering the members to gain financial sustainability for their families.

Meet Hilda and Maggie, two of our Bolivian producers. Magdalena or Maggie was born with an open wound where her mouth and nose should have been. Surgery was a financial impossibility. Most of Maggie’s life she was self-conscious, dealing with ridicule from classmates and other children on the street. Hilda approached Solidarity Bridge, our partnering medical access and supplies nonprofit, for help. Today, after five surgeries, Maggie has a new face and is now happily living life as a “normal” teenager. Justice is beautiful.

These blossom scarves and handwarmers are made by Hilda, Maggie and their fellow producers in Cochabamba. Greenola incorporates Bolivian cultural influences into many of our products, using traditional fibers like alpaca. We are proud to offer products that are not only functional and fashionable, but ethically produced.

Brought to you by Fair Trade Federation.

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Winter Wear Holiday Gifts for the Whole Family

Global Exchange

Check out alpaca knit gloves, hats, and scarves in Global Exchange stores or online. Stores-only special: buy three of these items, get one free 11/26-12/24!

Andes Gifts, a Fair Trade Federation member, represents over 20 knitting cooperatives and 40 family-based knitting groups in the highlands of Bolivia and Peru, where few employment opportunities are available. Each piece of the alpaca knits is unique, and uses local raw material and traditional techniques.

Almost every Andes Gifts’ knitting co-operative and family-based knitting group work in their own homes, which reinforces and respects the local traditions of the area. Instead of flocking to a crowded city for work, families can stay intact and work at their own pace, in spacious and safe environments.

Andes Gifts provides Aymara and Quechua women with free instruction in knitting, computer and bookkeeping skills, and product design. Andes Gifts also provides micro loans to both individuals and groups of artisans. Over the last seven years, Andes Gifts has given over 150 no-interest loans, with a 98% payback rate. While other credit is available in rural Bolivia and Peru – some of the poorest regions in the Western hemisphere – the high interest rates often keep borrowers in continual debt.

The Aymara and Quechua women would like to say “gracias por darnos trabajo y esperanza,” which translated means “thank you for giving us work and hope.”

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Ten Thousand Villages offers fairly traded gifts and holiday decor for everyone

Ten Thousand Villages

Shop tenthousandvillages.com and receive FREE shipping on online purchases. Expires 12/20/10. Not valid with other discounts, purchase of gift cards or Oriental rugs. Use coupon code: GIVEFAIR

Zrisdina Lema weaves her past, present and future into the chenille scarves and ponchos she makes for Ten Thousand Villages in her home workshop in Otavalo, Ecuador.

Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade retailer with 75 locations across the country and online at tenthousandvillages.com, recently introduced Lema’s hand-loomed chenille poncho.

Zrisdina and her husband, Fausdo come from a long line of weavers. Their families have passed the art of weaving from one generation to the next, creating an intricate tapestry of skill and design. When Zrisdina married Fausdo Lema in 1999, they began their own weaving workshop. The couple started with a single foot loom, producing the sheep’s wool ponchos that are traditional in the Otavalo region. They later branched out into producing scarves from cotton and orlon, finally settling on chenille products after a few years.

The Lema’s increased their sales in Otavalo and also found new outlets for their products in other areas of Ecuador and now in the United States through Ten Thousand Villages artisan partner Maquita Chuchunchic Comercializando Como Hermanos, or MCCH.

The future for Zrisdina and Fausdo looks bright; with consistent sales they can provide for their family and find new hope for tomorrow.

Brought to you by Global Exchange.

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Wrap Yourself in the Handcrafted Luxury of Avani Wild Silk Shawls


Save 10% on your purchase and get free shipping when you use coupon GiveFair2010 at check out. Order by Dec 15 to receive your order by Christmas.

Wrap yourself in the luxurious artistry of Avani wild silk shawls and throws while supporting remote mountain communities in northern India through your purchase.

Avani wild silk textiles are the result of the fine craftsmanship of more than 500 farmers, dyers, spinners, weavers, knitters, tailors, finishing artisans, and a business team producting and selling Avani textiles. These artisans live and work in remote mountain villages with few livelihood opportunities other than sustainable farming.

Avani is a voluntary organization based in the Kumaon region of the Himalayan mountain ranges in northern India. Avani began in 1997 as a branch of the Barefoot College of Tilonia, and follows a “Barefoot approach” of community-based, sustainable development.

Avani creates livelihood opportunities utilizing technologies such as solar energy for household lighting systems and rainwater harvesting systems for drinking water and the introduction of seri-culture for production of wild silk yarns and textiles.

Today, Avani has grown into a successful cooperative enterprise managed by the artisans themselves. This cooperative enterprise provides employment and profit sharing to the people living in Kumaon’s rural villages by developing and marketing the Avani collection of wild silk textiles.

Brought to you by Fair Trade Federation.

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