From tropical Negros Island to a cozy kitchen surrounded by sweet holiday scents, Cane Sugar has never been as meaningful.

Available at Whole Foods Market, cooperatives and organic stores and online
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Full of an unctuous sweetness, Alter Eco unrefined mascobado sugar is directly imported from a region in the Philippines where unfortunately many stories aren’t sugar-coated.  Small scale farmers have struggled against exploitation, violence and environmental issues.

Beth Mondejar lives and works on Negros Island where 300,000 farmers, like herself, are involved in the sugarcane cultivation that takes up 80% of the land. Investments on industrial sugarcane mills from oligarchs have eliminated crop diversification and created an inescapable dependency for the local farmers.

By joining the ALTER TRADE cooperative, Beth saw her income grow from $400 to $1,000 a year. Relieved, she shares how the holistic model, promoted by the co-op, taught her and her fellow farmers to become self-sufficient by growing kitchen gardens and raising chickens.

Robert, another member, has been able to send his two kids to the University of Bacolod, to study agronomy and accounting, hoping that they will come back to take over the farm.  “Today, I am proud of my work again”, he enthusiastically explains. “With Beth and the other leaders of the co-op, we are leading the way for every producer in the region. There are other cooperatives now getting organized, on Panay Island for example, across the bay…”

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