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Now through Jan 1st 2011 : 20% off retail orders plus one FREE reusable organic cotton gift bag with every regular price item. Use coupon code GFT20.

HAE Now was the first t-shirt company to be approved under FairTrade USA’s Fair Trade Certified Apparel program. Their mill in India empowers factory workers with higher pay, medical and retirement benefits, safe conditions, training, housing allowance, right of unionization and Fair Trade premiums for each FTC product sold. The premiums are additional funds workers receive to invest in community programs.

Their cotton is grown in central India by the Chetna project, a farmer-owned collective. A typical small farmer in India usually borrows money at extortionary interest rates to buy pesticides and inputs. Burdened by debt, farmers and their families often abandon their land and end up living in filthy city slums. Some farmers commit acts of suicide in desperation. By participating in the Chetna project, cotton farmers are guaranteed fair prices, receive training on safe organic farming methods, and are able to secure low interest loans. An additional ‘fair trade premium’ is invested in community projects e.g. providing safe drinking water, loans to women, schools and medical facilities.

To help create a better planet and sustainable communities, please support HAE Now with your purchases and by spreading the word about their high quality, fair trade organic cotton apparel.

Brought to you by Fair Trade USA.

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