Give Good Chocolate


Take 20% off our Truffles-To-Give: 8pc Tin (1 Flavor) from 11/15 to 12/19.  Choice of flavors including vegan options. Use coupon code GIVEFT2010.

Coco-Zen is a small artisan chocolate confection company that uses only organic and Fair Trade Certified ingredients in all its chocolatey treats. Coco-Zen is particularly committed to using only organic/Fair Trade chocolate as modern cocoa farming is notorious for unfair labor practices – often guilty of unsafe working conditions, pay that is far below living wages, and work of all, use of child labor. The US State Department believes that thousands of child-slaves work on plantation in the cocoa producing regions of West Africa, where a large portion of the world’s consumed cocoa comes from.

The chocolate, cocoa butter and other cocoa derived ingredients in Coco-Zen truffles are made from cocoa beans that come from the Dominican Republic, Peru or Costa Rica where the cocoa farmers’ cooperative are certified both organic and Fair Trade. All Coco-Zen truffles are handmade to order.

Coco-Zen believes that we should eat good chocolate and give good chocolate… chocolate that’s good for the planet and good for people!

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