Tompkins Point’s Spread the Holiday Spirit Sale

Tompkins Point Apparel

From 12/6-12/17, a $10 discount is offered per shirt if you agree to take five of those dollars and use it to spread holiday cheer. Use coupon code FTfriend.

Tompkins Point Apparel is putting class back into the classics.  By combining distinguished American designs with the mission of improving the lives of farmers and factory workers, its ‘enlightened preppy’ products fuse fashion with social cause, providing style at the same time as life-changing opportunities to workers.

Tompkins Point’s products are manufactured in a leading socially-responsible, unionized factory near Kolkata, India.  Its workers are paid decent wages, are provided basic health insurance and receive a 10% annual bonus, regardless of the factory’s profitability.  Additionally, the factory subsidizes schooling costs for all workers’ children, through the high school level.

Tompkins Point supports two farmer-owned cotton trading companies in Hyderabad, India.  Both projects work with smallscale farmers, those who generally own 4 acres of land or less, and have historically been exploited by traditional traders and moneylenders.  Both projects provide technical advice to farmers and support them as they transition their fields to organic farming practices.  By going organic, farmers increase their income while also strengthening local ecosystems.

As part of its commitment to farmers and factory workers, Tompkins Point Apparel donates 25% of its profits to education and economic development projects for those who produce its clothing.

Brought to you by Fair Trade USA.

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