A Stuffed Animal Safari in Time for the Holidays!

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Formed in 2003 by five women in Huancavelica, Peru, the artisan group, El Mercurio, now includes over 30 women. The members of El Mercurio are extremely talented knitters but, until recently, had been unable to channel their talent in a marketable way. To earn money before the group formed, some members washed clothes in the river, some shined shoes, and others worked as maids. But none of these activities resulted in an income that would ever help them out of extreme poverty.

Today, members of El Mercurio use their skills to knit a variety of children’s products including stuffed animals and finger puppets that U.S. consumers have fallen in love with. Their product line has grown to include a number of organic stuffed animals as well. The stuffed animals include colorful llamas, turtles, tigers, pigs, macaws, pandas, and elephants.

Two members have had the opportunity to visit the U.S. and discuss the positive impact Fair Trade has had on their lives and community. Member Ayde Riveros said, “The changes are huge. Now we can tell our husbands, ‘I am helping support the household, just like you.’ We want to be equal to men.”

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