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Zrisdina Lema weaves her past, present and future into the chenille scarves and ponchos she makes for Ten Thousand Villages in her home workshop in Otavalo, Ecuador.

Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade retailer with 75 locations across the country and online at tenthousandvillages.com, recently introduced Lema’s hand-loomed chenille poncho.

Zrisdina and her husband, Fausdo come from a long line of weavers. Their families have passed the art of weaving from one generation to the next, creating an intricate tapestry of skill and design. When Zrisdina married Fausdo Lema in 1999, they began their own weaving workshop. The couple started with a single foot loom, producing the sheep’s wool ponchos that are traditional in the Otavalo region. They later branched out into producing scarves from cotton and orlon, finally settling on chenille products after a few years.

The Lema’s increased their sales in Otavalo and also found new outlets for their products in other areas of Ecuador and now in the United States through Ten Thousand Villages artisan partner Maquita Chuchunchic Comercializando Como Hermanos, or MCCH.

The future for Zrisdina and Fausdo looks bright; with consistent sales they can provide for their family and find new hope for tomorrow.

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