Wrap Yourself in the Handcrafted Luxury of Avani Wild Silk Shawls


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Wrap yourself in the luxurious artistry of Avani wild silk shawls and throws while supporting remote mountain communities in northern India through your purchase.

Avani wild silk textiles are the result of the fine craftsmanship of more than 500 farmers, dyers, spinners, weavers, knitters, tailors, finishing artisans, and a business team producting and selling Avani textiles. These artisans live and work in remote mountain villages with few livelihood opportunities other than sustainable farming.

Avani is a voluntary organization based in the Kumaon region of the Himalayan mountain ranges in northern India. Avani began in 1997 as a branch of the Barefoot College of Tilonia, and follows a “Barefoot approach” of community-based, sustainable development.

Avani creates livelihood opportunities utilizing technologies such as solar energy for household lighting systems and rainwater harvesting systems for drinking water and the introduction of seri-culture for production of wild silk yarns and textiles.

Today, Avani has grown into a successful cooperative enterprise managed by the artisans themselves. This cooperative enterprise provides employment and profit sharing to the people living in Kumaon’s rural villages by developing and marketing the Avani collection of wild silk textiles.

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