Holiday Gift Baskets that Make a Difference

Equal Exchange

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Equal Exchange works with producer co-operatives from 18 countries for products such as coffee, tea, chocolate, and bananas. Our gifts contain a selection of our products combined with Fair Trade baskets from Ten Thousand Villages and Fair Trade cookies from Liz Lovely. Located in Mexico and formed in 1994, Campesinos Ecologicos de la Sierra Madre de Chiapas (CESMACH)is a coffee co-operative in Chiapas, Mexico. The 225 small-scale farmers in CESMACH are located in the buffer zone of El Triunfo, a very important U.N.-designated biosphere, containing many endangered and protected species.

CESMACH is involved in many environmental protection and social development projects in the area. As part of their Sustainable Coffee Project, they are planting new coffee,citrus, and other fruit-bearing trees. Their Women’s Project teaches leadership development and co-operative management to the women in the community. These women are also working with organic gardens and domesticating animals to diversify incomes and their families’ nutrition.

Each year, CESMACH exports more coffee into the Fair Trade, organic market, with more farmers asking to join the organization. Along with three other co-operatives, they used their Fair Trade premiums to buy land and in 2008, they finished construction of a new dry processing plant. Milling their own coffee will enable CESMACH to further control for quality and reduce costs.

You can find out more about Equal Exchanges farmer partners on our website

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