Fair Trade Recycled Pop-Top Purses at Greenheart Shop

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Global Mamas, a fair trade organization in Ghana, supports the sustainable development of women artisans by producing and exporting fair trade products. They work with nearly 500 women artisans in nine communities who make handmade products using traditional art forms, such as batiking and sewing.

Global Mamas reduces the economic inequality of women by significantly increasing the revenues and profits of Ghanaian woman-owned businesses. The women are provided a “living wage” – over 10 times Ghana’s minimum wage. Members are paid upfront for completed products and receive financial assistance through a raw materials revolving loan fund.

Global Mamas helps the women find export markets and assists them in managing their growing businesses by providing hands-on personalized assistance in implementing practical business strategies into day-to-day operations. One requirement of being a Global Mamas is the adoption of basic bookkeeping practices which enables a business to observe trends and plan for growth.

Some of the Global Mamas’ aprons at Greenheart are made by Juliana Mustafa and Molly Linda Dhan. Juliana Mustafa is a talented batik artist who calls herself a “mother first and a batiker second.” Molly Linda Dhan runs a sewing center where her and her workers sew the aprons and potholders.

Brought to you by Fair Trade Federation.

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