Fair Trade for Beginners Gift Box

Café Campesino

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Coffee in this gift box is farmed by members of the Fondo Paez cooperative in Colombia and CAC Pangoa in Peru.

Fondo Paez was founded in 1992, with the primary goal of recuperating traditional agricultural knowledge and indigenous culture, which had been buried by centuries of conflict and oppression. The organization provides technical assistance for quality control and organic production to its members and farms other crops in addition to coffee including sisal, beans and tropical fruits. They have been active in seed collecting and restoring native bean and corn crops on their land.

CAC PANGOA is a cooperative that was founded in 1977 that was deeply affected by “El Terrorismo” or “the terrorism” that was a part of the “Shining Path” movement in the 1980’s that set out to violently revolutionize Peru. Today, the cooperative is especially concerned with its members’ well-being and is involved in their lives beyond the purchasing and selling of coffee. A Women’s Development Committee within the cooperative organizes medical check-ups for all women over 30 to prevent and detect disease. The cooperative also provides a loan fund to help members’ pay for their children’s education.

Brought to you by Fair Trade Federation and Cooperative Coffees.

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